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Zombigun - manga Niidzuma.

A new work written by the new wife after the end of "CROW". Like "REVERSI", it is a royal road manga that incorporates evil ways, with a dark hero as the main character.
The world full of zombies is the stage of the story, and the main character is a zombie but leaves a human heart. The story of fighting zombies to return to their original form. In the serialization, perhaps with "REVERSI" in mind, the emphasis is also placed on enemy characters, such as the appearance of "JIN", the twin brother of the main character "GUN", and the killing of that brother in the fourth episode. The enemy is thrown in.
It was published in the 20th issue of "Jack" (released on April 10th), and was ranked first with 692 questionnaires, marking the highest record ever. The following week, Age was discouraged by being overtaken by Ajoki's "REVERSI", but after hearing that "REVERSI" was serialized in "Winning Jack", it was serialized by Age who recognized Ajoki as a rival. It was sent to the meeting, and it was decided to serialize from the issue (30th issue of 2017) before the serialization of "REVERSI" started. "REVERSI", which will be serialized in the weekly publication, is competing for 1st and 2nd place in the questionnaire ranking, but the circulation of books has been decided to be reprinted to 900,000 as soon as possible, and in terms of sales, it is large in terms of sales I'm making a difference.