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The main character of +Natural

+Natural is a popular serialized manga created by Aiko Iwase and Eiji Niizuma. Because of its popularity, it became an Anime. After Hattori received the final script from Iwase. He suggested to Yujiro that they let Eiji draw it, because it would get Muto Ashirogi fired up to beat it. Eiji was happy to draw the series, and said that he liked the story a lot and that he could handle drawing two series at once. In Chapter 134 Eiji has mentioned that +Natural's story is getting boring, evidenced by its decrease to 15th place. In Chapter 149, Miura reveals that +Natural has moved from 16th place to 9th place. It's because of this popularity boost that it is featured on the Jump cover that Eiji's new series, Zombie Gun, was featured in.


  • Manabu is the main character.
  • Mimiya Sayano is the heroine.

Manga Plot[]

A boy discovers he can bend spoons after watching a television program on psychic powers. He then finds he can move small objects with his mind, and everything he tries works out. He forces a chicken egg to hatch, however what hatches is neither human nor monster. The people with these abilities are referred to as a Psycholife.

Bakuman Series[]

The series once had a crossover with Eiji Niizuma's other Manga series Crow.