A Time of Green Leaves (or Time of Greenery) is an ecchi manga by Yuriko Aoki. It was cancelled due to the dropping of sales together with Otters 11.

Manga Plot[edit | edit source]

Aoki's story has many resemblances to Akito Takagi and Mashiro Moritaka's love life, due to Takagi telling her the details of their love life through the phone. This elicits backlash from Mashiro and Miyoshi.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is also known as Time of Greenery, Time of Blue Leaves, or Season of Fresh Leaves.
  • This manga was illustrated and written by Aoki herself this time.
  • This manga could have caused the end of Muto Ashorogi, not in the manga-making business that is.
  • To simplify things, as Moritaka put it - "She ripped off our lives!"
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