Aiko Iwase (Born May 8, 1993 in Saitama-ken, Japan), was a classmate of Mashiro and Takagi during Jr. High. When she appeared with Miyoshi Kaya at Takagi's house after his suspension, she revealed that she liked him, but didn't want him to be a mangaka. She reappears in chapter 60 as a student at To-oh University along with Ko Aoki. She now writes stories for manga in order to continue her rivalry with Takagi.

Personality & Characters

Iwase is a academic achiever in school. She's difficult to get along with anyone due to her strict and high-standard nature, she leads a rather lonely life. However, it doesn't bother her as she's always focused in studies. In her world, she only respects people that rivals her ranking in school. However, she would focus the latter of her life in attempts to out match her love interest, Takagi.

She took notice of Takagi during their middle school days as the only person that managed to out-rank and out-score her in academic performance. For her, giving out a simple hand-shake was a huge deal, as it meant a physical sign of respect and even going out together. However, she was so subtle to Takagi that she entirely missed the chance to properly convey her feelings. Her occasional mouth of challenge to Takagi only suggested to him to maintain this one-sided rivalry, but in reality, she was encouraging him in her subtle romantic intentions.

Things started to change when she realized Takagi dropped in his school ranking and even stopped caring about his scores. In a unexpected confrontation between Takagi and Miyoshi, it was only then that he realized her feelings. When he was pressed to choose between her and Miyoshi, Takagi made it clear he's focused on being a mangaka more than romance. When Iwase wanted Takagi to not pursue his ambitions to continue their academic rivalry, to her surprise, he's happy with his life choice and intends to attend North Yakusa High (a less challenging school) for the sake of working close with Mashiro. Disappointed and saddened, she left Takagi alone, but she never given up on him.

Iwase worked in publishing to prove her line of literary works are superior to Takagi, unfortunately, it was another unofficial rivalry that he didn't realize until she pointed it out later. Still affected by Takagi's choice as a mangaka, she decided to venture into becoming a mangaka herself; she wrote the stories while having Nizuma draws the art. This created a renewed one-sided rivalry with Takagi with her manga, Natural. Unfortunately, her means to gain Takagi's attention failed in developing anything romantic as Takagi chose marry Miyoshi. With her chance with Takagi was no longer possible, both Takagi and Iwase agreed to continue working hard with their mangas as colleagues in the field.


Iwase has short black hair with a small flip at the bottom. When she reappears later in the story, she has her hair cut slightly shorter, though it still has the same shape. She is considered to be very beautiful by many people, including herself and Miura.


Beginnings & Rivalry

To-Oh Universtiy

Career as a Mangaka

Iwase as she currently appears in the manga

Aiko wrote her first novel while in University, but since she sees Takagi as a rival, she decides to write stories for Shonen Jump artists to see if she can beat him at his own game. Her editor is Hattori, who worked with Takagi and Mashiro. She becomes the writer for Eiji's new manga +Natural. She also teams up with Eiji for a collaboraiton in Crow for a few chapters. After Hattori returns as Takagi and Mashiro's editor, her new editor is Miura. Her writing and plot are praised for being very well made. However, she comes in last place for the Super Leaders' Love Fest.

As she becomes daunted by the prospect of Eiji ending a manga, she is beset by worries from her fellow mangaka in Team Fukuda, who worry that Eiji is planning on ending +Natural, of which Eiji states contains a boring story due to its repeated plot of enemies being beaten down by the main characters. The rankings also decrease from single to double digits as it veers on the edge of cancellation. She brings this concern to Eiji, and upon hearing that he planned to end Crow, she immediately leaves to write the plot for +Natural, which seems to become more popular due to Eiji's success at ending Crow on a high note. Iwase becomes depressed and is unable to write the next plot, but with encouragement from Takagi and Mashiro, she is able to get back up and continue writing.

Notes & Trivia

  • Iwase resembles Kiyomi Takada from Death Note another manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.
  • She placed 10th in the popularity polls.

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