Akira Hattori was Akito Takagi's and Moritaka Mashiro's editor. He helped them with their names and eventually got them serialized for Detective Trap. Once they got serialized, however, Hattori had to hand them over to Miura due to conflicting responsibilities. After The Perfect Crime Club is serialized Hattori returns as Ashirogi Muto's editor.


He is a thin, odd-looking man with a wide-eyed gaze and distinctive lips.


Hattori is often portrayed as one of the calmer and more calculating editors in the series. He comes across as a very wise and experienced editor which leaves him raising his voice only when he sees it absolutely necessary to do so. He is very fond of Takagi and Mashiro and continues to be interested in their progression as mangakas, offering off-hand advice to Miura when he can.


First Meeting with Ashirogi Muto and The Two Earths manga

Hattori is first introduced when Takagi and Mashiro bring in the manuscript for The Two Earths in chapter 8. He first tells them the good parts of it, then the bad parts, stating that it is too narrative and it would be better as a light novel. As a result Mashiro and Takagi make plans for alternative ideas.

Hattori pointed out that Takagi is a calculative type, a person who figure out how to make a successful manga. However, he told them that rather the calculative type, a person that just draw what they like often becomes successful.

Takagi and Mashiro's Break Up Mashiro and Takagi have a fight

Golden Future Cup

Hattori's first appearance

Ashirogi Muto's New Editor

Shortly after Mashiro and Takagi got the news they would be serializied, they got a new editor. Hattori comes with Miura to discuss the finances and their pay. Soon, Hattori tells them that Miura will be their new editor. Takagi and Mashiro want Hattori to continue being their editor but it's not possible as he is editing the new series Tarakon and also the established series One Piece. He tells them it's common for newly published mangakas to be assigned to new editors. Hattori leaves, and Miura says Hattori was demanding to stay as their editor. They then bow to him, thanking him for everything he has done for them. He wants them to come up with something good.

New Years Party


  • Hattori edited One Piece for a short while.
  • Hattori's face (especially his lips and eyes) resemble the character Ryuk from the manga Death Note which is also drawn by Takeshi Obata.
    • In the 20th episode of the anime series, he even bit an apple while looking at it with a greedy look on his face. This was probably intended to be a nod to Ryuk.
  • Hattori wears New Balance brand sneakers.
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