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Decision and Delight (決定と歓喜 Kettei to Kanki) is the name of the 164th chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on January 30, 2012.


Things look up for Muto Ashirogi, for they may finaly get their work animated. However, Yujiro accidently throws a monkey wrench into the works when he informs Nizuma of the possibility, prompting him to begin creating original Zombie Gun stories for an anime. The Editor-in-Chief is exhasperated with both Hattoris for telling Ashirogi and Nizuma, deciding to make the decision himself; Reversi will be aired, thus giving Nizuma inspiration to aim for even greater hights in trying to beat Muto Ashirogi.

Moritaka texts Miho about this, shocking her and brining Miho to the brink of crying tears of joy. She calls him, and recites the lins for Naho to him, leaving him in awe because it's just the voice he imaged Naho having. He then spent the rest of the call listening to her recite the other lines she memorized.

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  • The scene below is mimiced near the end of the chapter; however, Mashiro and Takagi were depressed instead of being overjoyed.
  • In the English release of Volume 19, Kaya (as seen in the picture below) had her upper legs darked to avoid being too revealing or suggestive; however, this also made her outfit seem redundant as it now appeared she was wearing stockings and socks.
Chapter 164 Colour Page

Colour page featured in Chapter 164

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