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Voices and Responses (声と反響 Koe to Hankyō) is the name of the 169th chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on March 5, 2012.


Miho continues telling the truth to all the people listening to the radio broadcast. A caller asks how many times she's seen Mashiro in the last ten years. After Miho explains that they met twice besides at her friends wedding, the caller asks the most personal question ever: is Miho a virgin? After moment of embaressment, Miho answers yes. Kaya, listening to the radio, calls that question sexual harassment; however, Takagi says though it's not exactly the right thing to ask, it's better to have everyone know this important fact. As Miho begins to lose confidence after the caller says she won't be well-liked anymore, Mashiro calls the station himself and says that Miho can get the role of Naho on her own. The next day, Tozai sports releases a follow up of their previous story, shocked by the amazingly pure love between Mashiro and Azuki.

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