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Miho and Naho (美保と菜保 Miho to Naho) is the name of the 172nd chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on March 26, 2012.


Moritaka, Akito, Kaya, Miyuki, Mina and everyone else supporting Miho watch as she performs. The other voice actresses watch in amazement as Miho recites all the lines from Reversi from memory. However, the other voice actresses notice she said "Schrawz" instead of "Wiess", thinking Miho made a mistake. The director notices this, but quickly flips through both the manga and the chapters in Jump, believing that Miho would have worked hard to win the role and wouldn't have left room for mistakes. At the end of her performanace, Miho became totally abosorbed in the role; everyone watching said it was like watching Reversi itself.

The director momentarily stops the live audtitions, announcing that the script that they gave to the voice actresses had a typo; Schrawz was the correct word in the line, but they didn't show the script to Muto Ashirogi (Akito specficly) to make sure that they got it right. They will not count the previous voice actresses attempts as wrong, but ask the remaining ones remember to correct this mistake when audtioning. Miho is source of critisim again, with some thinking that she met with Mortiaka to know what to say. However, veteran voice actress, Goda, points out that Miho could recite any line Naho would say in Reversi perfectly; she worked hard to the point of knowing the lines by heart. Miho thanks her for the kindnesss. 

The day the results are announace finaly comes. Moritaka is stiff as a statue with anticipation, watching with Akito and Kaya, while Miho watches with her mother and sister. When it's revealed Miho won, she cries happily as she hugged by her family. Mashiro, on the other hand, seemingly faints after releasing all the stress he'd built up. Both are happy, now that they can finally get married.

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  • Miho is shown to have an amazing memory; she recited five minutes worth of lines from Reversi without so much as making a single mistake.

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