Dreams and Reality (夢と現実Yume to Genjitsu) is the name of the first chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 11, 2008.


The story begins with Moritaka Mashiro, an average student at junior high with a talent for drawing. One day he forget's his notebook in class and goes back to get it back only to find Akito Takagi, the top student of the class with the notebook in his hand much to Mashiro dismay. Takagi knows about the drawing that's in the notebook of Miho Azuki and he also knows that he likes her because "he sits in the back of the class". Mashiro is eager to get the notebook back. Takagi who is ready to give the notebook, withdraws his hand while saying that he will give the notebook back on one condition: If he makes a manga with him! Mashiro immediately refuses since his uncle was a mangaka and he died from overwork because he was unemployed for seven years straight while deeply in debt. After taking the notebook. Takagi tries to win him over which Mashiro responds that he will think about it.

Colour page featured in Chapter 1

Later on the evening Akito invites him to see the same girl he drew in his notebook saying that he will "confess to her" wich confuses Mashiro but in reality Takagi will reveal his plan of becoming a mangaka to her and tell her he knows she want's to be a voice actress. While abruptly giving the word to Mashiro who is speechless at the moment. Mashiro quickly responds after a short silence that he will do the art and he would like that she becomes the heroine if it becomes an anime and at one point Mashiro bluntly ask if she would marry him if their dreams come true shocking Takagi. Mashiro not knowing why he said that out loud tries to explain the matter but then Miho accepts shocking the duo even greater. She agrees to marry him but that shall not see each other until then. With that motivation, Moritaka decides to become a manga artist.

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