• Page 1: Dreams and Reality: (夢と現実) August 8, 2008The story begins with Moritaka Mashiro, an amazing artist in High School who draws the girl he loves, Miho Azuki in his math book and Akito Takagi finds it. When Mashiro demands for it back, Takagi asks him if they want to make a manga together because Mashiro is a good artist. Mashiro declines Takagi possibly because of his Mangaka uncle. He remembered his uncle only published one gag story before he died. Also, his uncle wrote letters to the girl he loved for many years and was thinking of proposing to her once, but then, she got engaged. Then, Takagi calls Mashiro, asking him to go to Azuki's house. Upon reaching Azuki’s mansion, Takagi asks if it was true that she wanted to be a voice actor. Then they tell her about their dreams to become Manga-kas. Azuki replies by saying she wants to become a voice actor. However, Mashiro accidentally asks if Azuki will marry him. Azuki accepts, but only if they accomplish their dreams.
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