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Best and Worst (ピンとキリ Pin to Kiri) is the name of the sixth chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on September 22, 2008.


Reading Weekly Shōnen Jump, they read about a boy named Eiji Niizuma who won the 2nd prize in a manga contest at the age of 15. He's praised for his artwork by judges. Back in school, they remember a kid in their class called Ishizawa who loves drawing chibi-style girls. Mashiro says once you win an award, you will get an editor. Even if you lose, an editor might like it and still accept you. However, their editors are chosen for them so they might be good or bad. His uncle once said a really good editor constantly rejected a newbie artist's work. He says because of this, it led the artist to fame.

Takagi and Mashiro decide to give a manuscript not for Shonen Jump to see what their editor's opinion is. On their way to his uncle's studio, he sees Azuki. Takagi gets really shy and looks down whilst Azuki hides behind her mom. When they turned their head and saw each other, he told Takagi he felt as if they were on the same frequency.

Takagi gives him a manuscript called Double Earth: The Two Earths. It’s about the Earth and people here are just clones of the people on the real earth. ‘’“We were experimented, and thanks to us, there is no war or pollution on the real Earth”’’. Mashiro thinks it's amazing and asks if they want to publish it for Jump. Takagi has another idea called Sunglass Pitcher. It's about a student who gets hit by a baseball and goes blind but appears ten years later and wins a game with a fastball. It turns out he worked hard with his father and when everyone realizes he's blind, he has to fight against the baseball association and his rivals on the pitch. However, they decide to write Two Earths for Jump by Summer Vacation.

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