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Smile and Blushes (笑顔と赤面症 Egao to Sekimenshō) is the name of the seventh chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on September 29, 2008.


The chapter beigns with Mashiro and Takagi discussing their plans to have their first one-shot The Two Earths finished by the end of summer vaction and to then have an editor take a look at it. Miyoshi Kaya, best friends with Azuki come to where they are on the roof wanting to talk with Takagi. She's angry because she told Takagi what Azuki wants to be when she grows up and Takagi asked Azuki if it was true. Then when Miyoshi asks why Takagi asked her about Azuki in the first place, he makes up the excuse that he wanted to talk to her. Miyoshi takes this the wrong way thinking that he is saying that he likes her. As Miyoshi leaves saying she'll think about (going out with Takagi). Azuki thinks Takagi likes Miyoshi because she's cute, unlike Iwase whose stuck-up. Miyoshi also wants to find out who Azuki likes. She asks Azuki but she gets really embarrassed and says she's really self conscious and blushes when she sees boys.

Meanwhile, Takagi and Mashiro are working really hard on their manga. They finish on the 28th of August, just before the end of summer vacation. The call Shueisha and are told to come in the next day to have a meeting with Mr Hatori from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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