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The Carrot and The Stick (アメとムチ Ame to Muchi) is the name of the eighth chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on October 6, 2008.


The chapter begins with Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi arriving at the offices of Shusheia for a meeting with Akira Hattori. They arrive early so they decide to walk around for a short time. Takagi tells Mashiro about why he wants to become a mangaka. While Takagi was in early elementary school his father lost his job as a banker. His mother pushed him to study constantly. One day Takagi snapped and yelled at his mother, saying "I am not your tool" and "I'll decide my own future" They then head in for their meeting and meet Akira Hattori for the first time. Mashiro and Takagi turn in their manuscript for "Money and Intelligence". Mr.Hattori says it is good to the two but he knows himself it isn't. Hattori tells Takagi that the story is good but was not suited for manga and was more of a story for a light novel. Mashiro had thought of this but he didn't tell Takagi, he had not wanted to stick his nose into the writing. Mr.Hattori compliments Mashiro's drawings but says they are designs not manga. He states that the lines are too thick and that there is not much differentiation between the characters and the background. He also states he needs to develop his own style. After Takagi says that Mashiro has only been drawing with a pen for about two months Hattori becomes more interested and wants to see more of their work. He gives the duo his business card and email address and asks for them to come by with another manuscript. After the two leave Hattori causes and uproar by saying that in 3 years they would leave Eiji Nizuma in the dust. At school Mashiro is placed next to Miho Azuki.

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