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Conditions and Moving to Tokyo (条件と上京 Jōken to Jōkyō) is the name of the ninth chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on October 11, 2008.


After having their story, the Two Earths, Takagi plans to make his stories less novel-like and Mashiro plans on improving his art. The next day, Mashiro starts his second day of sitting next to Azuki. Mashiro doodles his his notebook and Azuki laughs at it. After seeing this, Mashiro starts writing questions to her to learn more about her.

The Editor-in-Chief and Yujiro plan to visit Eiji Niizuma. Hattori and Kim discuss if Eiji would still be serialized even though he is still in high school. Apparently, Eiji has still been sending one shots for the Tezuka Award, all of which are first rate. Eiji could also be a part of Jump, with the title of "Genius High Schooler" as a way of attracting people's attention. But their conversation is cut short when Soichi Aida tells Hattori to get Ashirogi's manuscript for Treasure Newcomers Award.

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  • In the Viz version, on the third panel of the first page, Takagi has his eyes closed.
  • Moritaka wasn't far off on thinking he and Miho are on the same wavelength; both worried about their stomachs acting up during class due to being so close to each other.

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