Death Note (デスノート, Desu Nōto) is the first series created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and manga artist Takeshi Obata before Bakuman.

Bakuman Series

Death Note is referenced several times in the Bakuman series as it's the manga created before Bakuman by the same authors.

  • In Chapter 1 on page 14: Mashiro comes back to school for his notebook only to notice Takagi holding it. Mashiro get's terrified about Takagi knowing that he likes Azuki in which Takagi asks Mashiro to not look so serious, "It's not a Death Note, is it?".
  • In Chapter 1 on page 20: Mashiro answers to Takagi about becoming a famous and rich mangaka and reference Death Note's author once saying "If you don't get a job you'll die in five years."
  • Takagi resembles Light, protagonist of Death Note.
  • Akira Hattori resembles Ryuk.
  • Shun Shiratori resembles Near, L's successor.
  • Aiko Iwase resembles Kiyomi Takada.
  • Miho Azuki resembles Misa Amane.
  • Toru Nanamine has several outbursts which resembles those of Light's.
  • Shinta Fukuda resembles Mello's looks and personality.

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