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Detective Trap (疑探偵TRAP Gitantei TRAP) was the first manga series serialized by Ashirogi Muto. The idea for the story came from a character Moritaka Mashiro created as a child. The manga is the the first serialization by Mashiro and Takagi after sharing the first place Treasure Prize with Shinta Fukuda's Kiyoshi Knight.

The series manages to become moderately popular during its run. However, it is put on hiatus soon after due to Moritaka Mashiro getting hospitalized for working too much on the series. As a result of the hiatus, the manga suffered in popularity, thus resulting in its cancellation.

Manga Plot[]

The manga is about a detective/con man who tricks the criminals into revealing the truth by using elaborate plans. He asks to be paid $1000 for his services each case. However, he has a soft spot for Ami, and takes any case from her for free.


Manga popularity poll II Detective Trap
  • The hero, Trap, looks like Moritaka and also bears a resemblance of Light Yagami from Death Note, another manga created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba
  • The manga had a heroine character, Ami, that was based on Mashiro's girlfriend, Azuki.
  • The other known characters are Ami's father and the bomber appeared in the chapter that was ranked 3rd.
  • Detective Trap was voted by fans as their favorite manga within the series.
  • It once tied with Crow at 3rd.
  • Toru Nanamine was a huge fan of Trap and wrote to Muto Ashirogi as a fan while this series ran.
  • Detective Trap came in 5th in the 2nd Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Poll with 486 votes.
  • It has 5 volumes.
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