Dreams and Reality is the name of the first chapter of the Bakuman Manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 11, 2008.


A young Moritaka Mashiro is visited by his uncle who also compliments him for his award for getting 2nd place in an art competition. His uncle then comments that Mashiro would make a good artist or designer when he grows up.

The story really begins with Moritaka Mashiro, an average junior high student, walking to school. Moritaka then states that he does not have a clue about what he's going to do with his life; often replying to adults or teachers questions like "What do you want to be when you grow up?", with a simple "I don't know." or "I haven't decided yet." Though he states that he'll just have a normal life. He'll just go to a good High School, go to a good University and get a normal office job even if he didn't want to.

In some philosopher's book he read recently, it states that; "Love is life's greatest event, the one worth living for." As he begins to sketch, he states though that only some grown up womanizer would say that and that love was nothing more than pain and anguish; since he couldn't even talk to the girl he likes. He's then shown sketching the back of a girl in his class, Miho Azuki; who is the girl he likes.

The students are then dismissed from school with their teacher reminding them that their grades had a big impact on their entrance exams for High School. One the way home he is accompanied by his two friends one of which suggest they see a movie since they were dismissed early. Mashiro declines saying that he will study. Upon returning home his mom greets him and asks him if he's okay with having instant ramen for lunch, he replies saying he's fine with it and to just bring it up to his room. Once in his room, he starts studying for Japanese and Math as they were the exams for the following day. He opens his school bag only to find out that his math notebook isn't there. He then remembers that he left it in school, although he says he doesn't need his notebook to study for the exams, he returns to the school to get it back because he did not want anybody seeing it.

He enters his classroom and is then surprised to see Akito Takagi, the smartest student in school, sitting on his desk. Mashiro then asks Takagi what he's still doing in school when he should be preparing for the exmas, though Mashiro thinks that since Takagi is incredibly smart he's probably not worried about it. Takagi then holds up Mashiro's math notebook, the notebook where he sketched Azuki. This worries Mashiro thinking Takagi found out about his crush on Azuki.

Noticing Mashiro's worried look; Takagi says he doesn't have to be so serious, he jokingly asks whether Mashiro's notebook is a Death Note or not. Mashiro then asks Takagi what he's doing with his notebook in which Takagi replies that since he sat in the very back of the class he saw Mashiro write something in his notebook and saw him leave it as well and that after everyone left he took it and knew that Mashiro would go back to get it, so he waited for him. Takagi The opens the notebook to Mashiro's sketch about Azuki saying that he was really good at drawing. He then starts saying stuff about Azuki; saying she was pretty cute and quiet and that she really didn't stand out and yet she was the hottest girl in the school. Mashiro then thinks that Takagi liked Azuki as well.

Takagi surprises Mashiro by saying he though Azuki liked him back. Mashiro becomes embarrassed and asks what he's talking about, even saying that he has never talked to Azuki, he then asks him how he would know such a thing; to which Takagi replies plainly that it was because he sat in the back. Mashiro then asks that he knew everything just because he sat in the back, Takagi replies saying pretty much but then says that if Mashiro didn't think so maybe he was wrong about Azuki liking him back. Mashiro is then annoyed asking himself why he got excited.

Takagi then says he will give Mashiro back his notebook and he wouldn't tell anyone what was inside. As Mashiro reaches for the notebook saying a small "thanks", Takagi pulls the notebook away saying he had one condition. Knowing Takagi had a condition Mashiro asks him what he wanted though quietly thinking Takagi wanted him to stay away from Azuki to which Mashiro says that it wasn't like he could ask her out anyway. Takagi then suddenly asks Mashiro to write a manga with him. Takagi then explains that he has always loved manga and dreamed of becoming a mangaka, he then says that he has thought a lot about it and that he needed Mashiro's drawings. Mashiro is then quite surprised knowing Takagi likes manga; finding it hard to believe that the guy with the highest grades, not only in his school but possibly in the entire country, dreamed to be a mangaka.

Takagi then says he wanted to be rich and famous and that he didn't have the looks or the voice to be a singer and he wasn't really good at any sports. But he says that he was a good writer and says that Mashiro was a good artist. And since manga was a global phenomenon they could make their names with manga. Mashiro then concludes that Takagi would use his award-winning literary skill to write the stories and he would draw the pictures. Although saying it was interesting, Mashiro declined. Takagi, seemingly unfazed by Mashiro's decision, grins and repeats his decision also asking if he liked manga or not. Mashiro says he likes manga, but only to read.

Mashiro states that Takagi wouldn't become a mangaka explaining that the only ones who become mangakas are a tiny percent of those with talent, the true geniuses and that the rest were just gamblers. Takagi is confused and questions him. Mashiro then further explains that mangakas were people who could live of making manga's for the rest of their lives. That even if he was able to get his manga in a weekly magazine, it would be ranked every week by readers and if it doesn't do well he would be out in ten days. Mashiro continues saying that if you strike it rich or make enough to live off after a few tries then you'd be considered a mangaka, otherwise you'd just be a gambler. Takagi is surprised that Mashiro knows so much about manga and asks if someone told Mashiro all of this.

Mashiro assures himself that Takagi wasn't one to brag and says that his uncle was a manga or rather a gambler. Takagi impressively says no way and Mashiro nonchalantly replies that he was serious. Takagi the frantically asks who his uncle was. Although Mashiro says that Takagi wouldn't have heard of him, he says his uncle was Kawaguchi Taro. At hearing this Takagi says that he used to watch Superhero Legend when he was a kid and that he loved it so much that he bought all the volumes at a bookstore. Mashiro the admits to himself he was surprised that Takagi knew the manga saying he thought Takagi was to busy with his studies to know that sort of thing.

After finding out Mashiro's uncle was Kawaguchi Taro, Takagi states that manga was in his blood and he knew a lot about manga and he could always just ask his uncle about anything else he didn't know. It was perfect, as Takagi put it. Mashiro then demands what Takagi was talking about saying that Kawaguchi Taro was his dad's younger brother trying to say something else before Takagi cut him off saying they were still related. Takagi stops then admits that Kawaguchi Taro's drawings were horrible and Mashiro's were really good. Adding that maybe genetics didn't have anything to do about it also saying it really was a gamble to become a mangaka with drawings like that.

The story begins with Moritaka Mashiro, an average student at junior high with a talent for drawing. One day he forget's his notebook in class and goes back to get it back only to find Akito Takagi, the top student of the class with the notebook in his hand much to Mashiro dismay. Takagi knows about the drawing that's in the notebook of Miho Azuki and he also knows that he likes her because "he sits in the back of the class". Mashiro is eager to get the notebook back. Takagi who is ready to give the notebook, withdraws his hand while saying that he will give the notebook back on one condition: If he makes a manga with him! Mashiro immediately refuses since his uncle was a mangaka and he died from overwork because he was unemployed for seven years straight while deeply in debt. After taking the notebook. Takagi tries to win him over which Mashiro responds that he will think about it.

Later on the evening Akito invites him to see the same girl he drew in his notebook saying that he will "confess to her" wich confuses Mashiro but in reality Takagi will reveal his plan of becoming a mangaka to her and tell her he knows she want's to be a voice actress. While abruptly giving the word to Mashiro who is speechless at the moment. Mashiro quickly responds after a short silence that he will do the art and he would like that she becomes the heroine if it becomes an anime and at one point Mashiro bluntly ask if she would marry him if their dreams come true shocking Takagi. Mashiro not knowing why he said that out loud tries to explain the matter but then Miho accepts shocking the duo even greater. She agrees to marry him but that shall not see each other until then. With that motivation, Moritaka decides to become a manga artist.

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