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Feast and Graduation is the 12th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, December 18, 2010.


After celebrating by eating out, Hattori, Takagi and Mashiro discuss Money and Intelligence, and what changes they need to make to it. Hattori says that they should wait until graduating from high school to go for serialization, and that even Nizuma is going for it too early. Miyoshi tells Takagi that Azuki is moving and hopes that she will see Mashiro at least once before she does. Mashiro insists on keeping to their promise despite not knowing how long it will take until he is able to fulfill it, but meets with Azuki on the way home from the graduation ceremony. He asks how long she will wait, and she promises to wait forever, pleasing him.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • A scene with Miyoshi and Azuki in a restaurant about Azuki's move was added.
  • Several events before the Graduation was added including the make up of Mashiro and Miyoshi, also some school scenes and working on the final changes for Money and Intelligence.
  • Additional scenes with Miyoshi and Takagi in the park again a week before Graduation was added. This also shows Takagi's plan with Miyoshi to set up some alone time for Mashiro and Azuki.
  • During Graduation, additional scenes were added instead of just getting to the point in the Manga. Scenes included Iwase about to give a speech, classmates saying goodbye, it also shows Ishizawa supporting Mashiro and Takagi, also Takagi apologizes for punching him. 

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