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Early Results and the Real Deal is the thirteenth episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, December 25, 2010.


Mashiro, at Miyoshi's suggestion, sends an email to Azuki to begin correspondence with her. During the first day of high school, Mashiro and Takagi submit their new pseudonym, "Muto Ashirogi". Hattori is impressed with their work, but Mashiro notices that he is not expecting Money and Intelligence to be serialized, wondering if it is because of his desire that they wait until after high school to get serialized. Money And Intelligence gets first place in the early results of the NEXT polls, but drops to third place in the actual results, with Nizuma's work getting half the votes. This development convinces Mashiro and Takagi that they must make a mainstream work to go for first place, and resolve to make one better than their previous efforts.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • When they left the Jack office, they split right away whereas the Manga shows them taking the train together. 
  • The cover of the NEXT! is Naruto instead of Toriko in Akamaru Jump. Though both NEXT! and Akamaru Jump still has Crow on the Left side.
  • At the end when Mashiro rips up the manuscripts and throws it into the air/ocean, instead of Takagi saying they should leave because if any environmentalists sees this, they will get mad and runs, a person walking a dog sees them and scolds them for what they have done.

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