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Wall and Kiss is the 16th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, January 22, 2011.


Mashiro and Takagi, incorporating Hattori's suggestions, comes up with a concept for a story about an angel fighting other angels who kill humans to advance themselves, but are frustrated at their lack of progress. The name is rejected, but the feedback notes that they have promise. Around this time, Takagi is struggling to think of another idea, and begins seeing Miyoshi more often, prompting Mashiro to wonder if he is working on it at all. Hattori learns that Nizuma needs an assistant and that Takagi would not stop Mashiro from going to work for him. Mashiro hears of the offer, and decides to accept it, thinking he might pick up something that would help him and Takagi move forward. Just as he decides that, he happens to see Takagi and Miyoshi kissing in a park.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • When Hattori mentions the Gold Future Cup, Mashiro and Takagi was supposed to talk about the previous winner Beelzebub briefly but this was cut.
  • Takagi's skipping classes and Miyoshi in the bookstore finding the magazine that starred Azuki, Takagi thinking about Miyoshi and feeling bad about not spending enough time with her, was added briefly to better understand the story slightly sort of like prologues.
  • In the anime, Mashiro got the call before witnessing Takagi and Miyoshi's kiss whereas the Manga is backwards.

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