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Solidarity and Breakdown is the 22nd episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, March 5, 2011.


Team Fukuda reaches the editorial offices, but despite their protests, the editors do not believe Koogy's advantage is unfair or his tactics are unethical, and Mashiro decides to defeat him by making a better manga. Fukuda then proposes that the authors check each other's names, and they are surprised by each other's level of skill. Midway through the session, Aoki refuses to continue to participate, saying that her manga is better than the others, and the session ends with Nizuma says two of the manga are significantly better than the third, but declining to specify. Mashiro then ponders rewriting the name in the face of his competition, and after getting an email from Miho discussing her doing singing again and her becoming more confident, decides to do so.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Before arriving at Eiji's place, there are scenes added for the trip to Eiji's place that includes Nakai suggesting getting snacks on the way, introducing Aoki to Fukada and Niizuma.
  • During the group reading of the 3 series, Nakai's inner dialogue of his thoughts of Trap was added.
  • For the last one third of the anime, it is added material (Fillers) which includes scenes after the meeting between the 3 mangas and it is set before the Gold Future Cup had begun.
  • Scenes were added of Azuki hearing about Koogy taking a break from his music career and trying to be a Mangaka and entering in the Gold Future Cup and this upsets Azuki. 
  • Azuki and her Junior group also performs a song in front of some audiences full of guys except her sister and Miho which is supporting her from the audience. 
  • After the event with Azuki, Miho shows Mashiro and Takagi the picture of the event and Azuki emailed Mashiro saying she knows about Koogy and she knows Mashiro and Takagi can beat Koogy and tells Mashiro to not give up. 

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