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Tuesday and Friday is the 23rd episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, March 19, 2011.


Mashiro and Takagi both decide to rewrite their manga. Fukuda, Aoki and Nakai also rewrite their manga. Later Fukuda's manga is shown first with positive reviews. Next Mashiro and Takagi's manga is also shown with good reviews. Nakai panics and thinks that when Nizuma said that the winners were tied and there was a third place, he meant his manga. Then Aoki and Nakai's manga is shown with also positive reviews. All three series are okayed to begin work on names for serialization. Azuki said that she liked Mashiro and Takagi's manga, which gives Mashiro hope.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • First half of the episode consists of fillers that takes place before the serialization of the Gold Future Cup entries, Mashiro and Takagi discuss with Miyoshi about redoing the manuscript to make it better, with Mashiro improving the art and Takagi helps with tweaking the story. 
  • Not only is Ashirogi Muto working to improve the Manuscripts, but Fukada, Nakai and Aoki is also working hard to redo the manuscripts to improve it once they heard about Nizuma's prediction. 
  • Mashiro's scenes of interactions with his mother and grandfather was added.
  • Cameo of Kazuya Hiramaru is shown before his debut in the story. 

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