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Call and Eve is the 24th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, March 26, 2011.


Koogy's manga does poorly in the Golden Future Cup, leaving Mashiro and Takagi, Fukuda, and Nakai and Aoki as the top contenders. An unprecedented two-way tie happens, with Fukuda and Ashirogi Muto both getting first place. Azuki calls Takagi to thank him for supporting Mashiro and encouraging him to pursue becoming a manga artist, but is too embarrassed to congratulate Mashiro directly herself. Having won the Golden Future Cup, Mashiro and Takagi prepare to submit their story for serialization.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • More details explanations on how the survey cards work and measured was added.
  • Mashiro and Azuki' s phone conversation was cut, instead Azuki just disconnected the phone call.
  • Scenes of serialization meetings was added between the editor and Fukaka, and also Naki and Aoki discussing about improvements of their work before being submitted.
  • Both editors Akira Hattori and Yujiro Hattori talk about the serialization meeting during their time getting a meal wheras the whole conversation happened in the Manga before agreeing on getting a meal or drink.

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