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Resumption and Low Rank is the name of the 34th episode of the Bakuman anime. It aired on November 26, 2011.


In the end TRAP resumes publication, but is struggling with low rankings. Takagi tries to put some ideas based on fan mails in the name but Miura tells him he can't use whatever idea and add it to the story, because then it wouldn't be their manga anymore. Meanwhile, Azuki gets more and more popular, getting a semi-regular role in an anime. In the end TRAP is ultimately cancelled due to the low rankings, together with Aiki's & Nakai's Hideout Door. Mashiro and Takagi finish TRAP and are frustrated they weren't able to do better and realize they won't be able to get an anime before they're 18. Mashiro tells Azuki about this and she tells him she'll wait for him forever but would like to get married by the time she's 40. Not wanting to make Azuki wait that long, Mashiro and Takagi get fired up again to do their best with their next manga.


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