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Manga and Youth is the name of the 36th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on December 10, 2011.


Both Ashirogi Mutos' one shots Future Watch and Hitman 10 are well received by the editorial staff. The chief decides to run both as one-shots, wanting to see the public reaction before making a decision on a possible serialization. Mashiro and Takagi aren't sure about their new editor and his skills and this gets worse when Takahama calls them because his manga Business Boy Kenichi ranked 6th as serie while it got 2nd place as one-shot, telling them not to listen to Miura too much and do things in their won style because taking Miura's advise made him fall down in the rankings. In the end Hitman 10 ranks 10th, while Future Watch ranks 9th.


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