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Experience and Data is the name of the 37th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on December 17, 2011.


Miura's data research concludes that the team should focus on a gag manga because they're steadier in the rankings but Mashiro and Takagi are still not sure about it, especially Mashiro. During a meeting Miura pushes them to do it while Mashiro keeps declining the idea, stating gag doesn't suit Takagi's writing style and his art style at all. Miura tells him he shouldn't deceide things on his own, since Takagi isn't really against the idea, and tells Mashiro to work on his artstyle or to let Takagi have another artist do the artwork. Upon hearing this Takagi snaps and tell Miura "they can't work with someone like him" and both of them leave. While on their way to the studio, Mashiro tells Takagi he doesn't mind doing a gag manga as much but he was happy Takagi defended him. Later that evening they receive several boxes Miura sent earlier, containting material about gag manga's, and Mashiro and Takagi realize how passionate Miura is about gag manga. When he comes over to apologize they tell him it'd be fine to do a gag manga.


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