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Alliance and Classmates (同盟と同級, Dōmei to Dōkyū) is the name of the 38th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on December 24, 2011.


After confirming to do a gag manga with Miura, Takagi goes to the zoo to get some inspiration for his next heroine. There he meets Aoki and they decide to exchange information about the way guys and girls think and experience things, helping each other out as fellow mangaka's. Because of their constant phone calls, Miyoshi always gets the "busy signal" when she tries to call Takagi, making het a little suspicious. After Aoki, Takagi, and Iwase all meet at the zoo, Takagi receives a book from Iwase which she wrote herself. When Takagi isn't upset about her winning a prize and refuses to compare his work with hers, she angrily declares she will become a manga story writer as well. When Miyoshi finds Iwase's novel at the studio and a hidden letter inside, she leaves the office in tears.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • The editor Yamahisa having a meeting by chatting online with Shizuka has been omitted. 

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