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Time and Key is the fourth episode of the Bakuman anime. It aired October 23, 2011.


After practicing using a G-Pen all night Mashiro falls asleep while taking a test. After class, Mashiro and Takagi go to the studio and Mashiro gives Takagi a duplicate key. At the studio, Mashiro explains the difficulty of using a G-Pen over a Kabura Pen as well as how much work needs to be done to finish a single page. Not wanting to waste a minute, Mashiro begins practicing and Takagi begins reading.

When the two go to a convenience store, Takagi picks up an issue of Jump and sees that a fifteen-year old named Eiji Nizuma was the Semi-Finalist in the Tezuka Awards.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • A scene at the beginning where Mashiro is using a G=Pen is added along with a flashback to his uncle talking about G-Pens.
  • Suzuki and Kawasaki asked if Mashiro and Takagi wanted to see a porno before Mashiro left to go practice drawing again.
  • The characters that Mashiro drew are different from the ones in the manga.
  • Mashiro said the three characteristics that his uncle said before talking about high schools or the Qualifications of a Man.
  • A scene where Moritaka is eating with his mother and grandfather was added.
  • Ishizawa was introduced as Mashiro and Takagi were passing by instead of in a flashback.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • The manga that was on the table while Takagi was reading Father's Soul were: Death Note, One Piece, Bleach, Hikaru no Go, and Dragon Ball.
  • On the "Jack" Cover, you can see a drawing of Naruto from the Shippuden era.

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