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Monkeys and Marriage (猿と結婚, Saru to Kekkon) is the name of the 40th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on January 14, 2012.


This is the episode where the fight between Miho and Saiko, Takagi and Kaya gets resolved. Also Takagi ends up copying Mashiro (Saiko) and proposing to Kaya. (Because she sees Takagi and mangaka Aoki Ko huging). In the end she explains what Naikai did to her. She ends up getting Fukuda to help her with panty shots and girl poses.


Takagi and Miyoshi blame themselves over the fact their fight has caused a rift between Mashiro and Azuki. Because Mashiro and Azuki are too stubborn to apologize to one another, Takagi decides to explain everything to Miyoshi at the zoo. The meeting is complicated when Takagi runs into an upset Aoki just as Miyoshi arrives. In an effort to get Miyoshi to stay, Takagi proposes to her and she accepts after Aoki explains everything. In the end Miyoshi allows Takagi and Aoki to keep contact at the condition she and Aoki will become friends too. They invite Azuki to tea and she mails Madshiro that she forgives him, much to his confusion.

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