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Special Relationship and Hometown is the name of the 42nd episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on January 28, 2012.


Takagi and Mashiro's new manga Tanto doesn't get serialized but Miura tells them they just have to make it better for the next meeting. "Business Boy Kenichi" gets canceled, leaving Nakai jobless. After being rejected twice he reflects on his behavior and decides to go back home. Mashiro tries to stop him but Nakai won't budge, not even when Fukuda and Aoki show up. Later, Takamara asks for a different editor because Miura won't let him draw what he wants but the chief editor refuses, saying that if his work is good enough, the editor will be forced to accept it, making Takagi and Mashiro realize the same thing. Niizuma becomes the artist for Aiko Iwase's manuscript while promising he'll continue CROW and not let the quality drop, though he states he'll only do it on the condition it'll be serialized, which Hattori (who will be the editor of the new manga) is confident about. Worried how the higher ups will react about Niizuma running two series, Hattori asks him to change the art style a bit and use a pen name until it passes the committee.


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