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Punch and Independence is the name of the 56th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on November 10, 2012.


Mashiro convinces Takagi to let him work on their entry for the Super Leaders Fest so he can concentrate on Rabuta & Peace. After overcoming a bit of writer's block, Mashiro decides on entering with a love story. At Yueisha's Annual New Years Day party (2015) it is discovered that everyone intends on entering the Super Leaders Fest with love stories; Fukuda only did so because everyone else was. Mashiro asks Azuki for her input in his manga which would be based on their feelings for each other. Mashiro and Takagi end up having a fight over whether or not it is right for them to drift apart and work on separate manga. Shiratori decides to quit being an assistant and focus on getting Rabuta & Peace serialized while Takagi stops coming to the studio altogether, even going as far as to discuss PCP with Hattori separately. Later on Takagi comes back and explains that he had been away teaching Shiratori to become independent because Rabuta & Peace is his manga. Ashirogi Muto end up entering together and in the end they place 4th in the competition but reflect that it was worth it because they both had grown from their experiences.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Many plot points are omitted from the manga due to this episode compiling 8 chapters from Super Readers Love Fest. The plot only focusing on Mashiro's point of view from the manga while Mashiro's appearance was minor in this arc, leaving Takagi's process to train Shiratori, other mangaka's process to make their own chapter, Hattori's concern about Ashirogi working separately, the assistant shuffling (Shiratori leaving and Natsumi Katou joined back), and the survey's analysis are all omitted.

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