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Commemorative Photo and Classroom is the name of the 57th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on November 17, 2012.


Yoshida wants Hiramaru to aim his manga, Never Reaching You, which placed 2nd in the Super Leaders Fest for a serialization. Hiramaru reluctantly agrees so long as he can go on a tea date with Aoki. Suspecting that Yoshida may be pulling the strings behind the scene, Hiramaru and Aoki to turn off their phones so they can't be disturbed. When Yoshida realizes this, he goes after them but is sent on a wild goose chase through the city because Hiramaru sold his car to Fukuda, preventing him from being tracked. Takagi, Mashiro and Fukuda deduce that Hiramaru went to the tea shop he wrote about in his manga. They chase him and Aoki to a pedestrian bridge where Yoshida tries to convince him to keep drawing because he is a true genius that comes around every 2-3 years (much to Hiramaru's annoyance at the low number). Hiramaru goes to confess to Aoki, but Yoshida tries to talk him out of it because he will be crushed if he is turned down. However he goes ahead with support from Mashiro, Takagi, Miyoshi and Fukuda, to which Aoki accepts; however, Hiramaru now continues making manga with a new purpose, and that is to please Aoki. Ashirogi Muto are chosen to judge a competition called Treasure, and they are told that a newcomer, has entered with a manga called The Classroom of Truth that potentially surpasses all of their work.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Hiramaru was sad in the anime due to Aoki's absence in the award ceremony, while in the manga he was happy with his engagement with Aoki. The award ceremony also happened before Hiramaru's confession which doesn't make sense if he was happy with the engagement.

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