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Aims and Assessment is the name of the 58th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on November 24, 2012.


Mashiro and Takagi begin reading The Classroom of Truth and decide that it is an excellent manga despite the fact that it is unorthodox in nature. The serialization committee however, decide that the manga itself is not suited for Shonen Jack and have it remain a finalist in the competition. Its author, Nanamine Tooru, turns out to be a long time fan of Ashirogi Muto and is brought to Yueisha to discuss changing the material of The Classroom of Truth. However, Nanamine releases the manga on the internet which upsets Yueisha's policy but he brings them a new manga which the Chief reads and approves of as an one-shot immediately. Later, when Nanamine meets Takagi and Mashiro, he tells them he doesn't trust editors since he thinks mangaka's themselves know better what a good manga is. He also reveals his working method: he collaborates with fellow mangaka on the internet and incorporates their ideas into his work, which he then passes off as his own. He states that he will do what is necessary to rise to the top of Shonen Jack. This new revelation leaves both Mashiro and Takagi angered.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Classroom of Truth scene was not fully covered and actually missed the center plot from the manga as Ashirogi mainly judging the protagonist and the heroine. Their names: Takahashi and Saeki also were not mentioned.

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