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Confidence and Resolve is the name of the 60th episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired December 1, 2012.


As Nanamine's meeting with Mashiro and Takagi continues, he tells them to they are amateaurs with no self confidence if they rely on editors that much. Nanamine continues to refine the storyboard for his one-shot with help from his internet community, should it get serialized and completely ignores his editor, Kosugi. A flashback shows Nanamine being a loner as a child, until he read Ashirogi Muto's Money & Intelligence, spawning his myopic philosophy that anything can be bought with money alone. As Nanamine's rating gets even higher, Mashiro and Takagi analyze his progress and begin to discuss their successor to PCP. The editorial department continue to marvel at Nanamine's work albeit minor skepticism from Hattori and Kosugi. Eventually Kosugi goes to Nanamine's house for a meeting where Nanamine reveals his method; paying artists to draw his manga after merging their ideas, to a shocked Kosugi and virtually blackmails him into keeping it quiet. Eventually the serialization committee makes their selections.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Natsumi Kato was reintroduced in this episode. In the manga, she already working back as assistant when Ashirogi submitting Super Readers Love Fest. This was done due to many plot points in the manga are omitted in previous arc.
  • Nanamine's flashback was already shown in this arc, while in the manga it's shown on his encounter at Chapter 144. This is hint in later episodes where Nanamine's second arc will be omitted from the anime.

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