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Carrot and Stick (アメとムチ, Ame to muchi) is the sixth episode of the Bakuman anime. It aired November 6, 2010.


With the appointment at Weekly Shonen Jack set up, the two take their first one-shot "The Two Earths" to Yueisha. There, they meet Hattori, who will become their editor.

When school resumes, Moritaka is in for a paralyzing surprise, while it's a laugh for Akito.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • A scene where Mashiro and Takagi are talking about tomorrow is added.
  • A scene where Mashiro's mother and grandfather are talking together is added.
  • A flashback that shows Mashiro talking with his uncle is added.
  • Scenes of The Two Earth were added while Hattori was reading it for the second time.
  • A voice training scene with Miho was added.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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