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Correction And Declaration is the 72nd episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, March 2, 2013.


Hattori announces that the Reversi anime will begin airing in October and Mashiro breaks into tears as their dream is at last within reach. Heishi calls Nizuma and explains why he rejected Zombie Gun, since it will help Ashirogi to rise to his level and secure the future of Shonen Jack; this only inspire Nizuma to continue growing as mangaka as well. Azuki calls Mashiro to congratulate him and recites lines from Reversi. Later Ririki Kitami blogs about her meeting with Mashiro and his involvement with Azuki; Takagi has Kato ensure that Ririka erases the entry. However, Ishizowa, jealous of his classmates successful lives, posts proof on the internet to make Mashiro and Asuki miserable. As rumors begin spreading, everyone worries the public will accuse Ashirogi of favoritism to Azuki, something that could damage her career. This is confirmed when Mashiro, Takagi and Hattori meet the animation committee for Reversi. Mashiro tells Azuki that she should deny any relationship with him on her weekly radio broadcast to preserve her image. However, instead she goes public with her relationship, telling everyone about their promise. This has a mixed effect on the public, some who call the station and ask her personal questions. In the end, Mashiro calls the show and tells the public to believe in Azuki as they always have and adamantly states that she will get the part of the lead female role in Reversi by her skills alone.


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