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This article is about the third season finale and also the final episode of the Bakuman Anime Series for the other Chapters or anime episodes with a similar title See Here:Dreams and Reality (Disambiguation)

Dreams & Reality is the 75th and final episode of the Bakuman anime. It first aired on, March 30, 2013.


The first episode of Reversi is aired, after which Mashiro picks Azuki up in a sports car, probably bought with some of the money borrowed from Takagi. He drives her to her old house where he eventually proposes after much difficulty and many flashbacks based on their original promise. Azuki then kisses him over the house's gate.The next scene show Hiramaru and Aoki's wedding where Aoki throws for bouquet for Azuki to catch it.


Hattori meets with the production staff and cast of Reversi's anime as production gets underway. At the studio, Mashiro reveals to Miyoshi of his intention to propose to Azuki after Reversi's premiere and thanks her for creating their pen name: "Ashirogi Muto". As Miyoshi leaves, Mashiro and Takagi reflect on their journey thus far. Elsewhere, Azuki reveals her and Mashiro's plans to meet after the anime to her mother, while Mashiro reads his uncle's diary. Later, after the anime premieres, Mashiro picks up Azuki in an fashion, honoring one of his late uncle's dreams and they talk about the times they had been together. Soon, Mashiro takes Azuki to visit her former home where they recreate the scene of the first time Mashiro approached her at her house, before proposing. Azuki answers by kissing him and promises that they will be together forever. Eventually everyone attends Hiramaru and Aoki's wedding where Azuki catches the bride's bouquet of flowers. Finally, Azuki and Mashiro move into Azuki's old house together with the intention to officially have a wedding ceremony if Ashirogi's newest work gets a serialization. With their dreams finally achieved, Mashiro ends the series with a monologue, stating dreams are not achieved by someone telling you so, you have to make them reality yourself.

Differences from the Manga[]

  • The manga ended after Miho and Moritaka's first kiss and the promise to always be together; the anime gives an epilouge to the story.

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