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Anxiety and Anticipation is the eighth episode of the Bakuman anime. It aired on November 20, 2010.


After missing out on a monthly award, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi set out to submit a piece for the Tezuka Award. Takagi shows Mashiro several stories until they agree on One Hundred Millionth. The two finish it on September 29th and take it to Hattori the next day. He says that they improved several levels over last time, especially the art. He submits it to the Tezuka Award for them and asks that they prepare something for Jack NEXT.

While waiting for their results, Mashiro and Takagi are so excited that they can't focus on their next work. The scores from the mid-term come out the next day. To everyone's surprise, Takagi's place drops to 3rd. That night, Hattori calls them saying that they made the top 8, so their names will at least be in the magazine. But when the results come out, they didn't make it into the top 4. Ishizawa, a fellow student, makes fun of Moritaka for the low art score and asks Takagi to join him instead of working with mashiro. Takagi then puches Ishizawa to force him to apologize to Mashiro.


Differences from the Manga[]

  • Mashiro and Takagi were talking about story ideas inside instead of outside. Takagi walked into a door as he left the room.
  • A scene where Miyoshi and Azuki were talking was added.
  • A montage of scenes from One Hundred Millionth as well as Mashiro and Takagi working on it was added while the summary for One Hundred Millionth was being read.
  • Takagi mentioning that swords are in a lot of popular manga is added to this episode.
  • Hattori explains what Shonen Jack NEXT (Akamaru Jump) is.
  • A scene with Mashiro in the studio was added.
  • Mashiro and Takagi read Dragon Ball while waiting for Hattori's call.

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