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The Gold Future Cup (金未来杯, Kimu Mirai-hai) is a yearly one-shot manga competition in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. It is held in a series of 4-7 consecutive issues of Jump with a different entrant in each issue. The one-shots are not only put up against each other, but the other series in the magazine as well.

During the Gold Future Cup, there is an option on the reader survey cards asking if readers would support the series or not. The one-shots ranking in the magazine, as well as it's support count, determines the victor. One-shots that do well in the Gold Future Cup have a good chance at serialization. Former winners include Nura, Rise of the Yokai Clan (2007) and Beelzebub (2008).


Muto Ashirogi submitted a one-shot named Detective Trap for the Gold Future Cup. It went up against Kiyoshi Knight by Shinta Fukuda, Hideout Door by Aoki Ko and Takuro Nakai, and Colorfusical by Koji Makaino.

Detective Trap and Kiyoshi Knight both took first place which was the first ever tie in the competition's history. Hideout Door came in third and Colorfusical came in last.