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Miura is a chubby man with dark eyes and black hair. He has thick, dark eyebrows and a square jaw. This causes him to resemble a monkey.Saying he looks like a monkey, is just mean.
Miura is a chubby man with dark eyes and black hair. He has thick, dark eyebrows and a square jaw.

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Goro Miura (Born May 14, 1987 in Oita-ken, Japan) takes the place as Ashirogi Muto's new editor after they get Detective Trap serialized, instead of Hattori. He is in charge of helping them with their names and managing the finances.


Miura is a chubby man with dark eyes and black hair. He has thick, dark eyebrows and a square jaw.


Miura has a very easygoing personality, but is very adamant about gag mangas. This is shown in the manga as he is always pushing for more comedy. He tries to do the best for his manga creators, though he is still young, and is one of the most inexperienced of the editors shown.

As he later accumulates more experience, Miura starts to think more of successes attributed to him as an editor instead of the stories he should be running, such as the Drama CD of Seigi no Mitaka as a backup to the failing +Natural. He also seems to put too much importance on appearance, as he becomes visibly displeased that Azuma Mikihiko submitted a manga and satisfied when the latter decides to take his manga to another company, only to be horrified that he had taken the manga to Hattori Akira instead.


Detective Trap's Serialization

Muira became Ashirogi Muto's editor when they began writing Detective Trap. At first they were quite reluctant to have Muira as their editor, mostly due to having to part from Hattori, but slowly liked him because of his optimistic personality.

He helped get Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro their first set of assistants: Ogawa, Kato, and Takahama: Ogawa because he is at pro level for assistants, Kato because she has one year of experience for both shojo and shonen, and Takahama because he is the best artist of the assistants he is in charge of. He saw the anime of Taro Kawaguchi's Superhero Legend when he was in Jr. high, a main reason for his love for gag manga and belief that Ashirogi is capable of such.

Mashiro's surgery prompts the Editor in Chief to put Detective Trap on hiatus, much to the objections of Team Fukuda and Miura. Mashiro continues to draw, allowing Miura to collect the manuscripts for every week (despite the hiatus) and remark that the artwork has gotten better since Mashiro was not preoccupied with schoolwork. Simultaneously, however, Detective Trap has been losing votes to Hibiki Kyotaro's Great Thief Cheater and Murasaki Kyoichi's Crime Solver Akechi Gosuke, leading to its cancellation.

Run! Daihatsu Tanto!

The cancellation of Detective Trap allows Ashirogi to begin thinking of their next manga, which Miura suggests be a gag manga. This is not absorbed well by Ashirogi, who turn to Hattori Akira and Niizuma Eiji on separate occasions. Hattori's suggestion that it wasn't wrong to argue against one's editor and Niizuma's suggestion to write a dark story prompt Ashirogi to become more rebellious against Miura's suggestion and submit three different manuscripts: two to be run as one-shots and another to the Treasure Award, infuriating Miura and igniting a shouting match between him and Mashiro.

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