Goro Miura (Born May 14, 1987 in Oita-ken, Japan) takes the place as Ashirogi Muto's new editor after they get Detective Trap serialized, instead of Hattori. He is in charge of helping them with their names and managing the finances.


Miura is a chubby man with dark eyes and black hair. He has thick, dark eyebrows and a square jaw. This causes him to resemble a monkey.


Miura has a very easygoing personality, but is very adamant about gag mangas. This is constantly shown in the manga as he is always pushing for more comedy. He tries to do the best for his manga creators, though he is still young, and is one of the most inexperienced of the editors shown.


Being Ashirogi Muto's New Editor

Muira became Ashirogi Muto's editor when they began writing Detective Trap. At first they were quite reluctant having Muira as their Editor but slowly liked him because of his optimistic personality. Miura's love for gag manga cause conflicts between him and Ashirogi since writing gag manga's is not really Takagi's specialty.

He helped get Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro their first set of assistants: Ogawa, Kato, and Takahama. He got them for different reasons, Ogawa because he is at pro level for assistants, Kato because she is has one year of experience for both shojo and shonen, and Takahama because he is the best artist of the assistants he is in charge of. He saw the anime of Taro Kawaguchi's Superhero Legend when he was in Jr. high.

New Years Party

Detective Trap's Serialization

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