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* His favorite manga is [ Rurouni Kenshin] by [ Nobuhiro Watsuki].
* His favorite (real life) manga is [ Rurouni Kenshin] by [ Nobuhiro Watsuki].
[[Category:Bakuman Characters]]
[[Category:Bakuman Characters]]

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Hisashi Sasaki (Born February 22, 1963 in Gunma-ken, Japan), is the Executive Editor at Weekly Shōnen Jump . He has the final word most of the time when it comes to manga.


Sasaki wears glasses and has a small moustache.


Sasaki seems very wise to how manga works, and for the most part is very level-headed. Once he makes a decision, he sticks to it until convinced otherwise, be it putting Ashirogi Muto on hiatus or voting against PCP 's serialization.

It was said by Heishi that Sasaki was hotheaded in his career as a mangaka like Fukuda , often shouting loudly that "editors don't know anything."

In his past life it seems he used to work alongside Mashiro Nobuhiro to whom he had great respect and still does to present day, and felt displeased to announce the end of his contract. His catchphrase "Mangas need to be good. Only good Mangas will get serialized" seem to have had an impact upon Sasaki's personality. His respect is perhaps best demonstrated when he himself decides to give feedback to both Saiko and Shujin, knowing Saiko is the nephew of Nobuhiro.


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