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KTM, from Kane Chie Mitame (金 知恵 見ため) ("The World Is All About Money And Intelligence And Appearance", or "MIA" for short in the Viz translation.) Its story is basically like Money and Intelligence except with an added word Appearance.

KTM was Ashirogi Muto's next attempt in serialization after Tanto had ended. With much confidence, it was believed that Takagi's strong points would make the manga successful. However, it failed to become serialized.


Manga popularity poll II KTM
  • KTM came in 10th in the 2nd Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Contest with 137 votes.
  • The “T” of “KTM” comes from the “Japanese style” romanization “ti” of the “chi”-sound, which is traditionally grouped with “ta”, “te” and “to”