Miyoshi Kaya is Azuki Miho's best friend and Akito Takagi's wife. She sees Azuki, Takagi, and Mashiro pursuing their dreams, so she decides to have a dream too. Her first dream is to be a writer. She has another dream, which is to make Takagi and Mashiro's dreams come true. She helps get them the things they need and helps them as an assistant.


Kaya has light brown hair which she normally wears in a high ponytail at the back of her head. She has pursed lips.


Kaya is loud, rather childish, and seems to get on the nerves of quite a few people but all the while she is still very kind, and supportive of Takagi and Mashiro in their dreams. She often helps out with the tones and inking, working as a sort of assistant. She has joked about Mashiro paying her, but when he took her seriously, she quickly shook her head and said that she was joking.

Miyoshi helps out in inking the manga and generally maintaining a positive atmosphere in the studio. Mashiro and Takagi find that her optimistic presence in the studio helps cheer up what is otherwise very stressful working environment and feel she is part of the "team."

She also seems to be rather self-concious of her appearance. Stating several times that she is not pretty, an example of this is when Takagi is having coffee with Aoki, Azuki and her and Azuki says 'I wonder what people are thinking Takagi, you sitting with three pretty girls.' and Miyoshi cuts in saying 'Two.' in a correcting manner.

Bakuman Series

Helping Ashrogi Muto

Kaya helps Ashirogi Muto produce manga by inking and toning occasionally. She hangs out in the studio with the boys and cleans and cooks.

Aoki Ko and Takagi's New Fiancee

After seeing a letter from Iwase Aiko to Takagi she doubts Takagi's faithfulness. With this doubt in her mind she turns to the one she can confide in, Azuki Miho. After telling Azuki, Azuki then transfers her anger to Mashiro thinking he is wrong and that he is hiding the fact that Takagi is cheating on Miyoshi. After two months and no emails from Azuki, Takagi decides that the breakup will effect the manga and tries to put an end to it by telling his true feelings to Miyoshi, his true love.

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