Kazuhiko Torishima

Kazuhiko Torishima

Kazuhiko Torishima is a member of Jump's Board of Directors and was a former editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump. Like other editors shown in the Bakuman series, he bears a distinctive resemblance to his real-life counterpart.


Torishima's most distinctive feature is his face, which is drawn in a realistic fashion distinctly contrasting with the manga-style of the faces of the other people around him.


Torishima is introduced by his junior Hisashi Sasaki to Muto Ashirogi. He expresses sorrow over the loss of Taro Kawaguchi, remembering him especially for his guts, and is confronted by Mashiro's determination to seize the top spot. He encourages this determination and raises his glass to the young mangaka, saying "don't just hope, make it happen."


  • The real-life Kazuhiko Torishima was formerly an editor for Akira Toriyama, and served as the inspiration for the evil Dr. Mashirito in his gag manga Dr. Slump. In Bakuman, Torishima is the inspiration for a superhero named Torishiman in Kawaguchi Taro's Superhero Legend. Torishima strangled him in good fun at realizing his presence in the manga.
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