Kiyoshi Knight (KIYOSHI騎士, Kiyoshinaito) is a manga written by Shinta Fukuda for the Gold Future Cup.


Kiyoshi knight.jpg

Fukuda has published many one-shots but none have been serialized. He had a one-shot appearing in Akamaru Jump, the same time Ashirogi Muto's Money and Intelligence and Niizuma's Crow appeared in it. It only got 5th Place. He also so had a one-shot, Kiyoshi Knight, in the Golden Future Cup. He was asked to tone it down, and he redid it six times. It tied for first place with Detective Trap. It didn't get serialized because it was better as a one-shot than a series.


  • Kiyoshi Knight came in 5th in the 1st Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Contest with 233 votes and came in 18th in the 2nd Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Contest.
  • The main character Kiyoshi may have been inspired by Yujiro, Fukuda's editor.
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