Miho Azuki

Miho Azuki

Kanji Name 亜豆 美保
Romaji Name Azuki Miho
Gender Female
Age 21
Status Alive
Date of Birth November 5
Occupation Seiyū
Blood Type B
Height 162cm
Weight 44kg
School High School
Seiyu Saori Hayami, Stephanie Sheh (English)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Miho Azuki (Born November 5, 1993 in Saitama-ken, Japan), is a voice actor and Moritaka Mashiro's Fiancée. She shows much talent in voice acting and seems to be saddened that she cannot see Mashiro. She promised to marry Mashiro once their dreams come true. Her best friend is Kaya Miyoshi.

Personality & Character

Miho is a beautifully shy girl with the ambition to become a successful seiyu (voice actress). While her reasons and motivations to become a seiyu are unclear, it was an ambition that was reinforced by the ambitions of Ashirogi Muto. Both she and Moritaka Mashiro fell in love with each other at a very young age. Although they both had mutual feelings for each other, they're also mutually very shy and embarrassed in the matters of love. It wasn't until Moritaka was encouraged by Takagi to announce their publishing ambitions to Miho that he accidentally blurted out his desire to marry her if they become successful. Although shocked at first, she happily agreed to his proposal: they'll get married when she becomes the leading seiyu in his manga that will become animated.

Her reasons for such a strict requirement was because they both had such strong feelings that it would become a severe distraction towards each other. Taking an extreme form of delayed gratification, Miho hopes that it would enough to allow the both of them to become successful in their careers without becoming emotionally compromised over each other's feelings. However, it was not without its challenges.

Skills & Abilities

Miho is a trained seiyu (voice actress). Through years of practice and training, she became a top-ranking seiyu; the depth of her abilities are undefined. In Chapter 172, she showed a knack for reciting lines from memory, saying every line the female lead in Reversi said, even getting in depth at the end of the lines, something her fellow voice actresses said was like watching Reversi.


Miho Azuki has dark hair that falls past her shoulders with bangs. She is described by Akito Takagi to be one of the most beautiful girls in Yakusa Jr. High.



Mashiro's Proposal

When Mashiro came to her house and proposed to her, (saying that they will get married when their dreams come true), she almost immediately agrees. She says they can't see each other until then, but they can email to encourage each other.


On March 13, 2009 Azuki, Mashiro, Takagi, and Miyoshi graduated from Yakusa Jr. High. After the ceremony Mashiro runs to Azuki. She waits half an hour, Mashiro finally asks "How long will you wait for me?" Azuki says she will wait for him "forever".

Saint Visual Girls Academy

Saotomeji Reika(Azuki's role in Saint Visual Girls Academy)

Azuki got a voice role in Saint Visual Girls Academy. She had four lines in it, which were "I love you, Erina." She later sings in the ending of it. Her name is Saotomeji Reika. However, this job lead to a scolding from her father for the outfit she had to wear while singing the ending. She did not want Mashiro to watch the show possibly due to its contents, possibly out of embaressment

Photo Book Opportunity

She gets a chance to be in a photo book but declines after asking Mashiro's opinion on what to do.

Moritaka Hospitalized

Azuki sees Mashiro in the hospital and tries to persuade him to stop. However, seeing Mashiro's determination, she decides that she will encourage him on.

Love Fiesta

Stuck on ideas for his love manga Mashiro calls Azuki. Though shy at first, he explains that his rivaling Eiji and Iwase. Azuki reveals that she fell in love with him at first sight and tells him that she'll assist him in any way to make his love story.

Impromptu 12

Azuki voices the manger of Impromptu 12. During her time working on the show, she meets Kitami Ririka. Kitami idolizes Azuki and the two bond.


Azuki hears from Mashiro that Reversi will get an anime. She is overjoyed and decides to call Mashiro. As she talks to Mashiro, she speaks the dialogue of the main heroine of Reversi, which impresses Mashiro. Things looks promising for Azuki to be on Reversi however...

Kitami accidentally reveals in her blog that Azuki is in a relationship with one of the guys who make Ashirogi Muto. A sports newspaper uncovers that Azuki's Fiancee is Mashiro and publishes the story in a negative way. This causes an uproar amongst her fans. Many of them begin to destroy her audio or Ashirogi's Jump comics. Ririka apologizes and Azuki accepts her apology. She later appears on her radio show and publicly reveals that she is, in fact, in a relationship with Mashiro. After a few live callers, Mashiro calls the show himself. He declares that he is indeed in a relationship with her and that they should believe in her. The next day, the same newspaper writes a much more supportive story.

Despite now having more support for hers and Mashiro's relationship there still remain a lot of people who are against them and who think that she is cheating because her boyfriend is the author of Reversi. The role of Naho in Reversi is to be determined through an audition, at first it seemed like she would be the most likely candidate to get the role, it was later decided by the anime staff with Mashiro's insistance that the role of Naho would be chosen via public audition. Twenty voice actresses (including Miho) will audition before a live web audience and the auditions would run for a week and then people would vote for whom they want to play the role of Naho with the results being annouced at the end of the week.

During Azuki's turn at the auditions, it seemed as though she made a slight mistake on the script, saying "Schwarz" instead of "Weiss" but the director corrected this saying that the script had a typo, and that in the original manga, it was indeed "Schwarz" and not "Weiss". The other auditioners were still skeptical, saying that Ashirogi had collaborated with her beforehand, showing her which part of the script was wrong, until a veteran voice actress stated that if they asked Azuki to perform a scene from any part of the manga, she would definitely be able to act it out in the same fashion and passion as she did during her audition. With this, they had to accept that Azuki worked hard to learning the original lines from the manga. After waiting til the 27th of April, it was announced that, not only did Azuki win the role of Naho, but that she dominated everyone else, earning 102801 votes.


(To Moritaka) "Lets concentrate on making our dreams come true, without any distractions." [1]

(To Moritaka)" I'll wait... I'll wait forever." [2]

(To Moritaka)" Next time we see each other let's kiss so the next time we see each other wll have to be after our dreams comes true"

Notes & Trivia

  • Azuki was born on November 5, 1993. This is ironic because in Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's previous work, November 5 is associated with rather nasty plot developments.
  • Miho is 152 cm tall and weighs 40 kg according to the chart in Chapter 92.
  • All of Moritaka's female manga character's looks have been based on Azuki.
  • Azuki ranked 4th place in Weekly Shonen Jump character popularity polls.

Articles & References

  1. Bakuman Chapter 1, page 55
  2. (Bakuman 14 page, 17-19)

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