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One Hudred Millionth (1億分の Ichi Oku-bun'no) was a manga series that Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi created and submitted for the Tezuka Award through Hattori.

Manga Plot[]

100,000,000 Minutes

Main characters of "One Hundred Millionth" as seen in the anime

"In the near future, everyone is ranked by a giant computer built by the government. At age 15, everyone gets chips implanted in their brain and body, and every night at midnight they're ranked. Low-Ranking people are punished if they disobey those of higher rank, and if they do something terrible, the chips release poison to kill them. The heroes are trying to stop the ranking. They have to fight the High-Rankers who are happy with the status quo, but in the end it becomes a battle between man and machine as they take on the computer that ranks everyone. The computer can kill people through the chips that have been implanted."

Takagi said that if they make the heroes fight more robots it would be more Shonen like so he gave the hero a saber.

Bakuman Series[]

It was submitted for the Tezuka Award and in the early results made it into the Final 8. However in the final judging, it never made it past the Final 8 and it didn't get an honorable mention. This depressed both Mashiro and Tagaki.

One hundred millionth

Ishizawa holding the results of the Tezuka Award

When the results came out on December 8th, Ishizawa mocked Mashiro's artwork and stated that it did not even look like Manga. He said that both theirs and Eiji's stories got 5/5 but Niizuma's drawings got 5 and Mashiro's got 3 and even then, "they were being nice". Ishizawa angers Takagi and when he says that Mashiro is holding him back and that they should team up together, Takagi punches Ishizawa in the face and scorns him to apologize, and had to be restrained by both Mashiro and Kaya Miyoshi. This incident got Takagi suspended. Iwase overheard that Takagi's grades were dropping during their argument.