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Otters 11 (Otter #11) is a gag comedy manga & anime series by Hiramaru Kazuya. It's later cancelled after 200 chapters due to the dropping of sales together with Aoki Yuriko's The Time of Green Leaves.


It is about otter people trying to change the world. The otters have human bodies and otter faces, and when they are fighting their hands turn to rock. At one point, one of #11's friends (An otter with the face of a man called Hamada-kun) is captured by a TV crew and exploited. In retaliation to this #11 crashed his truck into the Television studio.

Shell 75: There are too Many Yoshidas in Japan[]

This chapter starts with #11 in an office and an employee (Yoshida) entering . #11 doesn't respond until Yoshida calls him by his full title "1st Advertising Department Manager Otter 11"

11 recognizes Yoshida, who has been working here for 8 years and begins to tell his story of how in two years he pulled himself through the ranks of society and became the Manager of the 1st Advertising Department at Hirado Marine Industries,Co.

It starts with #11 in a job interview wearing a bag on his head, insisting that if he takes it off they will judge him based on his appearance. They assure him they would never reject him based on his face. He removes the bag and they quickly recognize him as Otter 11. They state that he was recently found guilty. #11 says they judged him on his appearance but they quickly interrupt, saying he infamous for multiple assault charges. This reveals that #11 was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and 3 years parole as a result of, as he describes it, "trying to make the world a better place." They state "Even evildoers don't deserve to have their skulls cracked open with rocks!" and that they can't employ someone like that. #11 asks whether they are going to reject him without asking why an Otter would apply at Japan's biggest marine corporation. They state that an Otter man must know about Marine Products, but #11 says he hates them and prefers a well done steak and adds that the imported sea food that their company uses is really bad. The boss gets offended and shouts "Not only are you a criminal who hates seafood, but you've insulted our company as well! Why did you come here?"Another employee reveals the bosses name is Yoshida and #11 says that there are too many Yoshidas in Japan.

They bring up a petition about freeing Otter 11 when he was arrested and he has made the news a lot. #11 says the media says that otters represent justice and there is even an "Otter Messiah" legend on the net. He reveals that he has over 5 million fans even though jump's circulation is 3 million. They decide to use that popularity to their advantage and hire him for advertisements. 11 stars in numerous misleading commercials about products and rose to the rank he is today. Yoshida hands him a script for a new misleading commercial and mentions they don't get complaints anymore about the products because they see the commercials as jokes and look forward to #11's new commercials and states that that is the only reason he got promoted. #11 thinks to himself that Yoshida hold nothing but contempt for him and his job. 11 gets mad and leaves early, when he gets home he turns his fists to different types of rocks and declares that he wants to hit somebody with his fists. He says in the past that he bludgeoned evildoers because he wanted to hit somebody and not for justice.

He says that otters mercilessly smash clams and he has their blood in him, but as a human he isn't satisfied with clams, who have done nothing wrong and wants to hit evildoers, to see those evil human faces writhing in agony. He wants to hit them and even though his otter blood allows that, his human blood doesn't.

11 struggles with himself and if he hits somebody he will get arrested and lose his social standing and is also worried about Hamada-kun, an otter with the face of a man and what will happen to him. He thinks that should he abandon his status and Hamada-kun and turn to evil. He decides against it, but says that while he has control he has to do something.

He goes to a surgeon and threatens him to cut off his rock hands or he will hit him with them. He wakes up after the surgery tied to a crucifix with his hands in tact and two men in suits who say they aren't government agents and want to use #11 as a weapon. He thinks to himself and wonders if this is an Otter Man's life.

Bakuman Series[]

Otters 11 has been made into an Anime with a midnight time slot. Also has had a production of a series of figures.



  • Otters 11 came 4th in the first Manga Popularity Poll with 836 votes and came in 7th in the second Manga Popularity Poll with 320 votes.
  • Otters 11 has its own line of action figures.
  • Otter 11's employee Yoshida is based on Kazuya's editor Yoshida.
  • One of the fan letters to let Otter 11 out of prison said "Capture Otter 11 and don't let him rest; If you're going to let anyone rest, let it be the Mangaka Hiramaru Kazuya"
  • The chapters are called "Shells."
  • Otters 11 had a 15 page story in the real life 35th Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2010.[1]
  • According to the Bakuman: Charaman guidebook, a standard Otter doll costs 8,900 yen (about $86). The Otter pajamas which Hiramaru wears cost 4,800 yen ($46), while the Otter slippers which are worn by Yoshida are sold for 2,500 yen ($24).

Death Note Reference[]

  • The truck scene where #11 crashes the truck into the building is a reference to a Death Note scene where Soichiro Yagami crashes the truck through Sakura TV.
  • The media called Otter 11 a "modern day Kira", Kira was Light Yagami's alias and what the media called the person who punished evildoers by giving them heart attacks.