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Panty flash fight

Panty-Flash Fight is a fictional manga created for Weekly Shonen Jump. It is a battle-manga that's about a tournament, where if your panties are exposed, you lose.


The work came into being through Toru Nanamine's second, corporatized attempt to utilize his impersonal "reader's input" method of writing manga, and hired washed up veteran Mikihiko Azuma as the artist.

The initial one shot that was released took first place in the polls, and was first work created during the Veteran Author Bonanza, where various older authors were entering Jump with works ghostwritten by Nanamine's company.

However, the following polls didn't meet any of Nanamine's strict standards, so Azuma was immediately fired from his company and the book fell with it.


  • Panty-Flash Fight came in 6th in the 2nd Bakuman "Manga" Popularity Contest with 389 votes.
Manga popularity poll II Panty Flash Fight

Panty-Flash Fight in 6th place